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Snorkel Pensacola Beach

Looking to get under water? Swell Ride has Snorkel Sets. Pensacola Beach has several man made creations for snorkelers plus miles of beautiful shoreline to explore.   

Swell Ride Snorkel Set comes with:

  • Silicone mask with tempered glass  

  • Silicone open heel fins (Standard or short)

  • Silicone snorkel w/purge chamber

  • Snorkel vest

  • Shell collecting mesh bag

  • No-Fog spray

  • Drawstring mesh gear bag

Swell Ride Snorkel Rental
Pensacola Beach Snorkel

Snorkel Guide

This handy resource is your key to discovering the most breathtaking underwater experiences. Whether you're in search of shells along the beach, marine life or sunken treasures, our PDF provides you with precise location information to plan your snorkeling adventure. Grab a copy when you pick up your gear or download to your phone.   

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